Learn how SpeedCurve brings performance and design together

Setting up your monitoring

A quick overview of getting your SpeedCurve account up and running.

Features Overview

Get an overview of all the SpeedCurve features that help you monitor the perfomance of your user experience.

Mutiple teams and mutiple users

Walkthrough adding mutiple teams and users to your account. Users can be invited to join a team and you control their view or edit permissions.

Performance + Design

Steve & Mark disscus how the areas of design and performance overlap giving a renewed focus on user experience.

Benchmark yourself against your competitors

Knowing which of your competitors are faster than you is a great way to get performance buy-in throughout your organization.

Measuring What's Important

With the adoption of HTML5 and responsive techniques, window.onload no longer correlates to what the user experiences. Custom metrics are the answer for tracking a good UX.

Better performance through better design

Exploring the ways in which a thoughtfully developed design process can lead to higher functioning teams and better web performance.

Site Dashboard

How to setup performance budgets, alerts and add user timing marks that capture the key moments in your page load.

Visualizing performance data in engaging ways

How performance data can be visualized in ways that engage the wider team, ensuring that everyone across the organization understands the impact of their work on the user experience

Measuring UX with custom metrics

Steve gives an overview of the importance of bringing design and performance cultures together and dives into the detail of measuring user experience with custom metrics.