Performance Plan

Improving the design and performance of a website can be a multi-month effort. SpeedCurve's dashboards help teams that are already headed in the right direction to stay on track. If you haven't already defined your design and performance goals, SpeedCurve's Performance Plan is a way to get up and going quickly.

The Performance Plan helps you identify and build the necessary processes and deliverables. One of the most important first steps is to get buy in across your organization. Mark and Steve work with your development, design, and marketing teams to get agreement on goals for your website's user experience. That leads to setting up your SpeedCurve configuration to ensure you're getting the right information, including defining and implementing Custom Metrics. Initial results are used to create an appropriate performance budget and to setup alerts when the budget is exceeded.

The SpeedCurve results are used to identify performance and design issues. These are prioritized based on impact and ease of implementation to yield quick improvements. Mark and Steve bring their experience to bear identifying the best technologies for solving these issues, and meet regularly with your team to keep moving your site forward to achieve your design and performance goals.

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