Product Updates

2018-05-22 - Get weekly reports based on your Favorites dashboards

Now you can configure any of your Favorites dashboards to be summarised in a weekly email, like this one! Just tick the Send this dashboard as a weekly email report checkbox when creating or editing a dashboard. Read the blog post for more information.

Weekly report email screenshot

2018-03-21 - Google PageSpeed Insights V4

We've upgraded to the latest version of the Google PageSpeed Insights API. The new version has a refined optimization score that focuses mainly on the relative headroom to improve. It removes all usability-related optimizations, instead focusing solely on performance. You may notice a shift in your PageSpeed scores in SpeedCurve.

2018-02-06 - Faster test agents and more regions

Go to your Settings to switch to faster test agents.

All our agents now run on much faster AWS C4.Large instances, which better approximate current desktop browsers. We’ve also switched to the latest WebPageTest agent running on Linux.

How much faster? 20-30%

When you switch to the new agents, some of your metrics will get 20-30% faster, so pick a time to switch that suits your team. In between projects or the start of the month are good times to set a new baseline.

More details...

Performance Budgets

2018-01-04 - WebPageTest Agent 402

WebPageTest Agent updated to 402

2017-12-06 - Chrome 62

SpeedCurve test agents upgraded to Chrome 62.

2017-11-03 - By popular demand: Multiple Favorites dashboards!

The ability to create multiple Favorites dashboards is a huge boon for organizations that have many different teams and projects on the go at any given time. They're also helpful if you need to curate charts for different audiences.

Favorites Dashboards

Learn how to add dashboards and charts to your Favorites...

2017-10-27 - Engagement charts: See correlations between performance and user engagement

One of the best – and worst – things about real user monitoring is that it gives you unparalleled access to massive amounts of user data. The problem is when all this data leads to data indigestion. How do you know where to begin? And how do you know what to leave out in order to present a clear case for performance.

At SpeedCurve, we care about more than just showing you all your data. We want to show you the most important data. And we want to make it easy for you to share that data with people throughout your organization. That’s why we’re excited about the newest addition to our family of visualizations: engagement charts. 

Load Time vs Bounce Rate

Find out more...

2017-10-24 - WebPageTest Agent 399

WebPageTest Agent updated to 399. All tests now have "PTST/SpeedCurve" in the user agent string if you need to look for our test agents in your traffic.

2017-10-03 - WebPageTest Agent 395

WebPageTest Agent updated to 395 with fixes for Chrome 62 and Firefox.

2017-09-08 - Browser events added to waterfall chart

We've improved our already fantastic interactive waterfall chart with a new collapsed mode that highlights all the key browser events. This lets you quickly scan all the events that happen as the page loads and if you scrub your mouse across the waterfall you can easily correlate each event to what the user could see at that moment.

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2017-08-25 - WebPageTest Agent 390

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 390 from

2017-08-22 - Hero rendering times give you an easier way to measure how quickly your users see the content they care about

The key to a good user experience is quickly delivering the content your visitors care about the most. This is easy to say, but tricky to do. Every site has unique content and user engagement goals, which is why measuring how fast critical content renders has historically been a challenging task.

That's why we're very excited to introduce Hero Rendering Times, a set of new metrics for measuring the user experience. Hero Times measure when a page's most important content finishes rendering in the browser.

Hero Rendering Times

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2017-08-02 - WebPageTest agents updated to Chrome 60

The SpeedCurve test agents now run Chrome version 60 which includes support for font-display, WebAssembly & lots more.

2017-07-26 - WebPageTest Agent 387

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 387 from

2017-07-07 - WebPageTest Agent 385

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 385 from which blocks extra requests in Firefox 54 to ""

2017-06-30 - New app side navigation

Switched to new app side navigation that gives us room to grow! Soon we'll be adding some great new features that make it easier to keep on top of your site's performance.

2017-06-22 - Performance recommendations added to the Test dashboard

Being able to monitor and measure the performance of your pages is crucial. You know that already. You also know that the next step is to quickly find out what’s hurting your pages so you can stop the pain.

You want to know:

  • Which performance rules is my page breaking?
  • How do I prioritize my optimization efforts?
  • How can I communicate this quickly and clearly to my team?

We’re super excited to announce that you can now use SpeedCurve to answer these questions.

Performance Recommendations

Find out more...

2017-06-07 - Switched to v2 of the Google Pagespeed Insights rules

We now use v2 of the Google PageSpeed Insights rules. You might notice a slight decrease in your pagespeed scores as the new rules are tougher.

2017-06-03 - WebPageTest Agent 381

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 381 from

2017-05-06 - WebPageTest Agent 379

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 379 from which blocks requests to Windows root cert "" which was showing up in some waterfall charts.

2017-05-02 - WebPageTest Agent 378

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 378 from which improved mobile emulation and fixed TLS hooking in Chrome 58+.

2017-04-29 - WebPageTest Agent 377

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 377 from which now ignores solid color images when caculating the start render metric.

2017-04-18 - Favorites charts have been dramatically improved

We've improved the "Favorites" dashboard and it now lets you build charts that:

  • Combine synthetic tests and LUX (Real User Monitoring) in one chart.
  • Choose average, median, or 95th percentile.
  • Create charts that have multiple metrics.
  • Select multiple values for a filter, eg, browser = Chrome or Firefox, country = UK or US.
  • Compare A/B tests in a single chart.

Here's a walkthrough showing you some of the new features...

2017-03-31 - WebPageTest Agent 370

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 370 from

2017-03-29 - WebPageTest Agent 369

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 370 from

2017-02-23 - WebPageTest Agent 364

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 364 from

2017-02-20 - WebPageTest agents updated to Chrome 56

The SpeedCurve test agents now run Chrome version 56 which includes support for position:sticky, HTML5 by default & lots more.

2017-02-09 - High CPU test agents and new AWS regions

For Enterprise customers we've added support for high CPU test agents running on m4.large instances across all AWS regions. This means you can now also run tests from Canada, England, Korea, and India.

2017-02-08 - WebPageTest Agent 358

SpeedCurve test agents have been updated to version 358 from

2017-01-12 - Chrome 54. We identified an issue with Chrome 55 so we've rolled back to Chrome 54.

2017-01-11 - WebPageTest Agent 352

2017-01-02 - WebPageTest Agent 349

2016-12-27 - To pause testing on a site you can now un-check all the test times for a site.

2016-12-23 - When selecting a specific site on Favorite charts we now show any notes for that site.

2016-12-15 - Filmstrip display options which let you choose the screenshot size and interval. Options persist across all dashboards.

2016-12-13 - WebPageTest Agent 345

2016-12-09 - Chrome 55

2016-12-07 - WebPageTest Agent 341

2016-12-06 - WebPageTest Agent 340

2016-12-01 - If you have outlier tests that are skewing your charts you can now delete tests if needed. There's a "Delete Test" button at the very bottom of each Test Dashboard.

2016-11-24 - Add notes to all sites

2016-11-08 - WebPageTest Agent 333

2016-11-01 - We now have our own RUM product called LUX.

2016-10-26 - Added /import endpoint to API which lets you update your settings via a JSON config. Great if you want to keep your settings in version control or programmatically update frequently changing URLs.

2016-10-19 - WebPageTest Agent 331

2016-10-15 - WebPageTest Agent 325

2016-10-13 - Favorite charts now support custom metrics

2016-10-13 - Chrome 54

2016-10-10 - Added new performance metrics, Image Optimization Reduction, Average DOM Depth, DOM Elements, Third Party Requests, Third Party Size which you can use for adding budgets for building favorite charts.

2016-10-08 - WebPageTest Agent 323

2016-10-06 - WebPageTest Agent 321

2016-10-05 - New Favorite dashboard where you can build your own charts and share them with the team.

2016-10-03 - WebPageTest Agent 318

2016-09-26 - Custom start and end day pickers for choosing the time period shown on graphs.

2016-09-17 - WebPageTest Agent 314. Bugs fixed in CPU analysis and Firefox downloading PDF plugin.

2016-09-10 - WebPageTest Agent 311

2016-09-09 - We now allow duplicate URLs within a site which makes it easier to test different WPT scripts on the same URL.

2016-09-01 - For any tests that run in Chrome we now show the CPU usage times (Scripting, Layout, Painting, etc) on the Sites dashboard and individual tests. You can add performance budgets and track a metric like Javascript execution time as your code evolves.

2016-08-29 - WebPageTest Agent 306

2016-08-25 - Script templates added for common WebPageTest scripts making it easy to add scripts like block all third parties or do a repeat view test.

2016-08-20 - WebPageTest Agent 303

2016-08-16 - You can now edit a URL and it's history is preserved!

2016-08-16 - When changing Teams and logging in/out we now preserve the state of the dashboards.

2016-08-12 - WebPageTest Agent 300

2016-08-04 - WebPageTest Agent 298

2016-08-01 - WebPageTest Agent 293

2016-07-27 - Largest requests across all URLs added to Assests dashboard

2016-07-23 - WebPageTest Agent 291

2016-07-22 - WebPageTest Agent 288

2016-06-15 - WebPageTest Agent 283

2016-06-10 - KeepUA support added to WebPageTest scripts

2016-06-07 - WebPageTest Agent 282

2016-06-05 - WebPageTest Agent 281

2016-06-03 - WebPageTest Agent 279

2016-03-24 - Added more emulated devices and improved flexibility of site settings.

2015-11-23 - Critical blocking resources graphs added and highlighted in waterfall chart.

2015-10-12 - Visual diffs added to Deploy dashboard