Monitor front-end performance. Beat the competition.

Get continuous feedback on how your front-end code is affecting the performance of your website.

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Built on top of WebPagetest

SpeedCurve extends the WebPagetest platform to automatically test 108 pages every night and capture your front-end performance trends over time. Performance suggestions from Google PageSpeed and plain english tips and tricks help you get faster.


Measure your user experience

Don't just monitor the generic browser load events, dig down into a page and track how fast a page feels for users. Just pick an image or request that when loaded allows users to engage with your content. We'll monitor that request and give you clearer insight into how fast the actual user experience is.

Compare your performance to global and category leaders

See how your website performance compares to specific competitors you choose and also global and category leaders. Fight it out in the front-end performance leader board.



When Mozilla shaved 2.2 seconds off their landing page,

Firefox downloads increased by 15.4%.

That's an extra 60 million downloads per year.

Find out how they did it.


Photo finish

See who wins the horse race. Numbers are great but nothing beats a visual comparison of what users actually see as the page loads. Watch head to head videos and export timelines you can print out and get up on the wall for discussion with the team.

Sensible defaults

Web performance tools can come with an intimidating array of options and technical choices that require advanced performance optimization knowledge. We provide sensible defaults and built in best practice thinking. We'll walk you through the process and build up your knowledge along the way. Just choose three pages on your site and two competitor sites and we'll do the rest.

Smart web performance defaults

Get your curves anywhere

If you're anything like us you love a great graph and want to see the curves where ever you are. SpeedCurve works nicely across mobile, tablet, desktop and high resolution screens.

All together now

Awesome, you made it this far down the page, now watch the dashboard walkthrough and then check out the demo. It has a simple to navigate but very powerful dashboard. I love building these graphs. Can you tell? Ask me for more and I'll build them.

Nick Howe

I'm a business leader not a web guru. SpeedCurve took 5 minutes to set up and gives me an instant view of how our site is performing in absolute terms, and relative to our competition. It helps me ensure we give our users the best possible experience.

Nick Howe - Vice President Learning and Collaboration, Hitachi Data Systems

SpeedCurve is visually awesome and holds functionality I've been expecting someone to finally build for quite a while :)

Guy Podjarny - CTO, Akamai Web BU, Web Performance and Security geek

Guy Podjarny
Steve Souders

SpeedCurve tracks the performance of your website helping to retain users, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue. It offers a commercial service based on the top open source performance tool, WebPagetest, used by thousands of top websites around the world.

Steve Souders - Head Performance Engineer, Google