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Cato JohnstonWe used @SpeedCurve to track Synthetic and RUM results over time. We convinced a client to turn Adobe Tag Manager off for two weeks. Load times went through the floor!
Flossington@SpeedCurve when did custom charts get a million times more useful?!?!?! I'm in chart heaven right now.
Tom DoonerWe've got SpeedCurve on the studio wall monitor and staying faster than our competitors is hugely motivating.
Tom Dooner - Causes
Vadim SupitskiySpeedCurve has been an indispensable tool in our pursuit of a faster, more elegant UX.
Vadim Supitskiy - Forbes


Financial Times
Financial Times:
Designing a sustainable front-end toolset for
Apr 28, 2020
The Financial Times explain how they cut Time To Interactive in half (!!!) across their main applications...
How performance budgets help us keep a highly performant website
Mar 25, 2020
Using performance budgets, the Status dashboard and Slack alerts to stay on top of site changes...
CSS Wizardry
CSS Wizardry:
Performance Budgets, Pragmatically
Jan 8, 2020
Setting performance budgets doesn’t need to be complex or confusing. You simply need some existing data, some monitoring, and to remember that budgets and targets are two different things...
CSS Wizardry
CSS Wizardry:
From Milliseconds to Millions
Nov 27, 2019
How to use SpeedCurve to do A/B testing – in this case, testing the impact of custom font usage on bounce rate...
How to build a performance culture at scale
Sep 14, 2019
We love how SpeedCurve addresses performance budgets, which have been helping us achieve our goals...
The Telegraph
The Telegraph:
Improving third-party web performance at The Telegraph
May 1, 2019
We use SpeedCurve and have found it invaluable to help pinpoint potential problems along the way. The dashboards they offer around JavaScript usage and third-parties remind us to keep a record of where we’ve come from and where we need to be...
Holiday Extras
Holiday Extras:
Tackling single page application performance at scale
Apr 8, 2019
We used the RUM/LUX 'blocking scripts' metric to convert our last sync script and reduced load time by 40%...
Andy Davies
Andy Davies:
Improving Perceived Performance With the Link Rel=preconnect HTTP Header
Mar 22, 2019
Sometimes a small change can have a huge effect...
How to setup SpeedCurve “Real User Monitoring” using redux-observable
Feb 28, 2019
We recently started using SpeedCurve to track Unsplash’s performance. To get its “Real User Monitoring” (a.k.a. “LUX”) working with our app, we needed to do some extra work to handle client-side navigations...
Building a Foundation for Performance
Nov 9, 2018
How the web performance team tackled the task of gathering data, prevented performance regression as developers shipped new features, executed on the best opportunities to improve the Pinterest experience for our users, and made performance a priority for the company...
Making GOV.UK pages load faster and use less data
Oct 4, 2018
We made a simple code change but the impact on the wider GOV.UK codebase was significant. We changed the way the `@font-face` loading method referenced fonts...
How we shaved 1.7 seconds off by self-hosting Optimizely
Aug 29, 2018
We recently deployed a change to that loaded a piece of 3rd party JavaScript from our own server instead of the vendor’s server. This change shaved 1.7 seconds off of the start render time...
25% Faster Hotel Search
May 11, 2018
In emerging markets, maintaining optimal web performance can become a challenge: varying network conditions and different device topology cause issues. Thanks to trivago's rigorous testing culture, we identified these issues in one of our key emerging markets...
Business Insider
Business Insider:
The art of correlation and performance metrics
May 9, 2018
At Insider Inc., we have been ramping up our focus on synthetic testing as an important way to test web performance. A more performant user experience translates to user satisfaction...
Speeding Up NerdWallet 🚗💨
Apr 26, 2018
NerdWallet shares how adopting SpeedCurve is "probably the biggest change we've made to ensure we are on top of our performance" by building "a culture that values site performance and measures it on a regular basis."..
Crafting Faster Themes
Jul 13, 2017
By keeping to performance budgets throughout the entire project, we’ve produced the fastest feature-rich theme in the Shopify Theme Store...
Launching A Successful Redesign For 20 Million Students
Jun 14, 2017
When more than 20 million people use your service each month, how and when you roll out a redesign matters. When considering making a big update, we knew we had to make it better for our users not just aesthetically but also functionally...
BBC News
BBC News:
Introducing a faster BBC News front page
Jun 14, 2017
I have regularly and loudly complained that the BBC News website is unnecessarily slow, so when I was given the opportunity to help rebuild one of the most visited pages of BBC News—the front page—I jumped at the chance...
Building a Web Performance Culture
Dec 5, 2016
It’s easy for a website’s performance to degrade over time. Trying to keep up with the competition through innovation rarely affords the time to tune and optimize and, often times, organizations struggle with balancing performance technical debt with their day-to-day operations...
How Ancestry shifted to user-centered performance metrics
Jul 21, 2016 saw a 7% increase in conversions after improving render time by 68%, page weight by 46% and load time by 64%...
Vox Media
Vox Media:
Building a mobile-first and performance-first culture
Jul 11, 2016
A mobile-first perspective is also a performance-first perspective at Vox Media. Dan Chilton and Guillermo Esteves talk about how they helped build a culture of performance...
Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer:
How PerfOps is revolutionising performance at Marks & Spencer
Apr 5, 2016
In this talk, Andy shares Marks & Spencer’s performance journey, what they learned along the way, and where they plan to go from here...
Bigger, Faster, and More Engaging while on a Budget
Aug 7, 2015
Zillow give a blow by blow account of using SpeedCurve performance budgets to catch a rouge A/B test...
Vox Media
Vox Media:
Declaring performance bankruptcy
Aug 7, 2015
Look, we know our sites aren’t as performant as they could be… I mean, let’s cut to the chase here... our sites are friggin’ slow, okay!..
The Guardian
The Guardian:
Breaking News at 1000ms
Sep 2, 2014
Patrick details the performance pitfalls and bottlenecks from networking to rendering their team has had to break through in order to deliver the latest news hot off the press and straight to the browser within the psychologically important 1000ms barrier...
Andre ScholtenLove working with @speedcurve, pointing out how competitors do, gets management up and running ;)
Tim KadlecI love @SpeedCurve for correlating RUM data to business metrics. They have some out of the box stuff around bounce rate, and it's easy to add custom business metrics to graph and track.
Kyle RushYou all have a great tool on your hands. Can’t remember being this happy/excited about B2B software in years 😃
Kyle Rush - VP of Engineering for @Casper. Formerly @HillaryClinton, @BarackObama, @Optimizely, @NewYorker
Addy Osmani❤️ everything SpeedCurve have been doing lately: First Input Delay support, Long Tasks, CPU Scripting time, Perf Budget support, Last Painted Hero. Y'all are rocking the performance monitoring space big time.
Barry PollardA site redesign really shows @SpeedCurve’s worth. So much good stuff in there that I haven’t had time to play with until now.
Nick HoweSpeedCurve took 5 minutes to set up and gives me an instant view of how our site is performing in absolute terms, and relative to our competition.
Nick Howe - Hitachi Data Systems
Tamara ForzaI'm glad we use @SpeedCurve at work to improve and monitor the performance of the #Schiphol website.
Ian CarricoCouldn't have made the progress we did without @SpeedCurve great product!
Ian Carrico - Vox Media
Joao Pedro RibeiroWe managed to shave ~1s by tweaking our HTTP/2 server push settings 🚀 All monitored via @SpeedCurve amazing dashboards.
Andreas StephanWe just had a great call about some @SpeedCurve features with @tameverts and @Souders. I am really delighted to get such great customer service in additions to such an awesome tool! Thanks!
Dario BarrioSetting up @SpeedCurve, powerful enough to keep track of performance improvements and simple enough to show some cool graphs!
Dario Barrio - Trovit
Patrick HamannWe used SpeedCurve to track the performance of the new Guardian responsive site which now loads four times faster and is one of the fastest news sites in the US.
Patrick Hamann - The Guardian
Tommy ParnellI've been using @SpeedCurve for only a week, and I'm 100% sold. If you really care about front end #performance, get this tool. Holy crap is it amazing. I can easily graph my #lighthouse scores over time.
Andrew Del PreteStill getting a kick out of SpeedCurve. The individual result views are fantastic.
Simao FreitasSpeedCurve just keeps on giving. Just helped me find another big performance bottleneck. This tool is a no brainer ❤️
Oleg ZenderWhen @SpeedCurve makes you feel like a CSI agent as you solve the case of sudden Speed Index increase.
Harry RobertsI absolutely love demoing @speedcurve to clients. Gives me a chance to fall in love with it all over again. It just does soooo much.
Joao Cunha@SpeedCurve is the best tool I know for creating and nurturing a culture of performance. Gives you insights, points out what the main performance issues are and even ranks your site against competitors.
Kevin SuttleGreat features that I would have had to ask for in any other platform.
Kevin Suttle - IBM, Design Technologist
Jed WoodIt’s been a pleasure using SpeedCurve for the past couple of years. We made fantastic progress on many of our key pages, and I couldn't have done it without SpeedCurve.
Jed Wood - Ancestry