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NerdWallet used SpeedCurve's H1 Render metric to help improve font loading by up to 30%.

How the team at Quizlet built a fast, beautiful UX that converted 21% more logged-out users to studying.

BBC use SpeedCurve to track dramatic improvements in UX performance.

One of Denmark's largest websites, Ekstra Bladet, used SpeedCurve to understand how cookies make performance tests more reliable. case study describing how they use SpeedCurve to create a performance culture.

RWD podcast with Vox Media on building a mobile-first and performance-first culture using SpeedCurve.

Marks & Spencer use SpeedCurve to Revolutionize Performance focusing on third party content.

Zillow give a blow by blow account of using SpeedCurve performance budgets in Bigger, Faster, and More Engaging while on a Budget.

Vox Media (The Verge, SB Nation) declare performance bankruptcy.

Hear Patrick Hamann from The Guardian discuss how they use SpeedCurve in Breaking News at 1000ms.

Shopify's approach to monitoring front-end performance

"SpeedCurve is visually awesome and holds functionality I've been expecting someone to finally build for quite a while."

Guy Podjarny - CTO Web BU, Akamai

"I'm a business leader not a web guru. SpeedCurve took 5 minutes to set up and gives me an instant view of how our site is performing in absolute terms, and relative to our competition. It helps me ensure we give our users the best possible experience."

Nick Howe - Vice President Learning and Collaboration, Hitachi Data Systems

"We used SpeedCurve to track the performance of the new Guardian responsive site which now loads four times faster than the previous version and is one of the fastest news sites in the US."


"We've got SpeedCurve on the studio wall monitor and staying faster than our competitors is hugely motivating."

Tom Dooner,