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See how real people experience the speed of your website.

Then find (and fix) your web performance problems.

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Nick HoweSpeedCurve took 5 minutes to set up and gives me an instant view of how our site is performing in absolute terms, and relative to our competition.
Nick Howe - Hitachi Data Systems
Cato JohnstonWe used @SpeedCurve to track Synthetic and RUM results over time. We convinced a client to turn Adobe Tag Manager off for two weeks. Load times went through the floor!

Benchmark your site against your competitors

Knowing which of your competitors are faster than you is a fantastic way to get web performance buy-in throughout your organization. Bonus: It's super easy to set up! Extra bonus: You can also generate great visualizations – like side-by-side videos and filmstrips – to share with your team.

Benchmark filmstrips

Correlate web performance with user experience

User engagement charts let you use your own data to understand the impact of page slowdowns on your site's bounce rate.

Correlate performance

Measure when your most important content renders

Not all pixels and page elements are equal. Measure the rendering speed of the content your visitors care about most. Headlines, hero images and any other elements you choose.

Content rending

Track the impact of web performance on your business metrics

How do page slowdowns affect your business? Track any metrics you want – including cart size, A/B tests, and conversion rate.

A/B performance tests

Test continually

Use the SpeedCurve Deploy API as part of your CI/CD process, and track the impact of code changes between deploys. Track pixel level changes to your UX with visual diffs.

Visual diffs and deploys

Create performance budgets and get alerts

Performance budgets and alerts are a vital tool in your web performance toolbox. They take the hassle out of monitoring your pages by notifying you when your most important metrics cross a defined threshold.

Performance budgets

Debug web performance issues at the page level

Find and fix what matters most. Along with Google's Lighthouse & PageSpeed Insights audits, we'll give you a curated list of performance rules, stacked and color-coded in their order of importance. Tick them off and improve your speed.

Performance recommendations

See the performance impact of ads and third parties

The scripts and stylesheets that come with ads, analytics, and social widgets can block the main content on your pages from ever being seen by your users. To help identify this issue, we created third-party waterfall charts to show you where your roadblocks are.

Third party performance

Compare synthetic and RUM data

Using SpeedCurve Synthetic + RUM together lets you take advantage of your own real user data to build better synthetic tests.

Compare Synthetic and RUM

Real User Monitoring

SpeedCurve LUX shows you how real users experience your site. In addition to showing you how fast your site is, it also shows you the impact of speed on UX and business metrics – including bounce rate, conversion rate, and session length. LUX helps you discover which design and development improvements will make your site faster, your users happier, and your business more successful.

Learn more about LUX

Synthetic Monitoring

SpeedCurve synthetic monitoring is built on top of WebPageTest (the best synthetic web performance testing tool available). With synthetic monitoring, you can test how fast your pages render on different browsers and devices in locations around the world. You can track dozens of web performance metrics – and create budgets and get alerts when they go out of bounds. And you can benchmark yourself against your competitors.

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Faster UX. Happier users. What's not to love?

Easy setup • 30-day trial • No credit card required

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