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When it comes to measuring user experience, not all web performance metrics are created equal. SpeedCurve lets you focus on the most important metrics to help you understand and improve your user experience. Then it gives you awesome, easy-to-understand visuals to share with your teams.

SpeedCurve synthetic monitoring is built on top of WebPageTest, which is widely considered to be the best synthetic performance testing tool available. While WebPageTest is great for running one-off tests, it doesn’t support testing multiple sites on a continuous basis. WebPageTest also doesn’t support tracking and analyzing separate results. This is where SpeedCurve comes in.

Patrick Meenan

“It's WebPageTest to a whole new level! Runs tests continuously and focuses the team on user-centric metrics.”

Our global test agents let you test continuously around the world, on the most popular mobile and desktop browsers. And yes, you can even test special pages such as PWAs, pages that require authentication, and private dev and staging sites.


Benchmark your site against your competitors VIEW DEMO


Knowing which of your competitors are faster than you is a fantastic way to get performance buy-in throughout your organization. Here's how to use SpeedCurve to compare your performance with any other site. (Bonus: It's super easy to set up! Extra bonus: You can also generate great visualizations – like side-by-side videos and filmstrips – to share with your team.)

With SpeedCurve, you can start making speed one of your competitive differentiators. Speed is especially important to mobile users who expect websites to load faster on phones than desktop, and are quicker to abandon pages that are too slow.

Track dozens of metrics, including custom metrics VIEW DEMO

In addition to standard web performance metrics (such as backend, start render, visually complete, Speed Index, Page Speed score, first meaningful paint, first interactive), you can also track unique-to-SpeedCurve metrics – such as Hero Rendering Times – that correlate to how users experience the speed of your site. SpeedCurve also supports custom metrics via the User Timing spec

Hero rendering times

Create performance budgets and get alerts VIEW DEMO

Performance Budgets

Performance budgets are a vital tool that helps the team (everybody - marketing, designers and developers) agreeing on how fast the website should feel.

They take the hassle out of monitoring your pages by notifying you (by email, Slack, HipChat, or webhook) whenever your metrics cross a certain threshold.

The great news: Creating performance budgets with SpeedCurve is quick and easy.

Mobile device emulation & CPU throttling VIEW DEMO

As mobile and tablet use increases, it’s important that you understand how your site performs across a wide range of devices. SpeedCurve's dashboards provide the answers, not just in numbers, but with video and filmstrips that show rendering performance and CPU analysis that highlights interaction delays.

Responsive Design

We load each URL in a variety of viewport sizes, CPU profiles, and connection speeds. See what your site looks like on different form factors, how quickly it renders, and whether your content is optimized for different users on different devices.

Diagnose performance issues at the page level VIEW DEMO

Performance Recommendations

Find and fix what matters most. Along with Google's Lighthouse & PageSpeed Insights audits, we'll give you a curated list of performance rules, stacked and color-coded in their order of importance.

We took the rules that are most relevant to developers in the real world, then augmented them with data that’s unique to SpeedCurve – such as critical blocking JavaScript and CSS. And we packaged it with an intuitive UI that makes it easier for you to share your test results with your team, as well as other non-technical teams throughout your organization.

Analyze the performance impact of ads and third parties VIEW DEMO

Third Party

The scripts and stylesheets that come with ads, analytics, and social widgets often aren't delivered in a performant way – which can block the main content on the page from ever being seen by your users.

Our unique Third Party and Javascript waterfall charts shows the impact each third party has on rendering and interaction, making it easier to identify third party content that is the most important to optimize.

Continuous Deployment & Visual  Diffs VIEW DEMO

Deploys & Visual Diffs

Keep the development of your site on track with automated, continuous feedback on your performance pipeline. Use our API to compare deployments and any performance regressions or budget violations are flagged, ensuring that you're able to fix performance problems before they reach production.

Track pixel level changes to your UX with visual diffs, filmstrip and video comparisons allowing you to easily spot any visual changes you may or may not have expected.

Create and share custom charts and dashboards

You know your site better than we do. By building custom charts, you can track the metrics that are most important to you. There’s no limit to the number of charts you can build, and the number of separate dashboards you can house them in. Which brings us to...

Performance budget status

Tailor dashboards to different audiences

Your technical team wants charts that help them go deep with performance issues. Your executive team wants high-level charts that focus on the metrics they care about. SpeedCurve lets you tailor different dashboards for different stakeholders and send weekly emails so that people only see the charts and data they need to see.

Getting Started

We offer a couple of different plans to suit different monitoring needs. You can get started right away with a Pay-As-You-Go plan for a minimum of $20 USD per month. For our Enterprise plans, click through to get a quote.