Performance Audits

You have a lot of SpeedCurve metrics, but what are the takeaways? What are the problems and where should you start? SpeedCurve's single-page Performance Audit answers these questions by translating your results into a prioritized task list.

With our single-page Performance Audit, we use your SpeedCurve results to conduct a deep dive for analysis of one template/URL of your site, looking at everything that happens from the moment someone requests your site to the moment it's finished loading. We may also dive into your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to find the cause of the problem and suggested code optimizations.

We'll then walk through your SpeedCurve dashboards and discuss the findings on a video call with your team. At the end, you also receive a detailed document providing information on each optimization, and a prioritized list based on expected return on investment and estimated level of effort.

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$2,499 USD

  • Review of your SpeedCurve dashboards & settings
  • Deep dive analysis on one template/URL
  • Performance improvement recommendations
  • Video walk through of issues identified
  • Follow up meeting with your team